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Industrial Emergency Shutdowns Services

14 April 2014

EFS Ltd specialises in Emergency Stand-by Services for the Power Generation, Off shore (Oil Rigs), Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical. We are Harland Wolff’s specialist rescue team for the Blackford Dolphin oil rig which we provide full emergency responce,rescue,fire and consultancy support.


  • We have over 35 Rescue specialist on our team activly working on projects 24/7 
  • We have managed over 20,000 confined space man entries 
  • Managed over 40 shutdown projects in  the last two years 
  • We have gas freed this year alone, over 25,900 confined spaces with our specialist gas freeing team.
  • We also have Thermal Imaging camara capability for search and rescue, heat traces, heat indication                     

EFS is one of the leading providers of Project shutdown services through the UK and Globaly. We have a team of over 35 rescue specialist in the followig areas:

  • Medical trauma
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Height Rescue
  • Confined Spacce Total Solutions
  • Gas freeing 
  • Search and Resccue
  • First Aid Teams
  • Scafolding Rescue Specialist 

We understands how critical your project is and help you to manage in the following sectors and provid the  following shutdown services to: 

  • Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Off shore ( total oil rig solutions)
  • Chemical
  • Phamaceutical, Pertochemical
  • Industial 
  • Emergency Service support

We provide full support to your HSE Team and your shutdown receives the ultimate in safety management. With a dedicated Team Leader and Team supported by the lattest in Emergency Responce equipment, we can provide a total solution.

With this pedigree you can be assured we have the expertise to understand the challenges of the environments in which you work and can be confident that we will deliver the right solution first time and every time.

We can provide the following services for your shutdown projects  

  • Progect Manager for Major Shutdowns 
  • Emergency Responce Team Leaders for all types of Shutdowns
  • Gas Detection Team
  • Specialist Rescue Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Teams
  • Safety Officers
  • Fire Officers