Lifejacket Competent User

Lifejacket Competent User 

This 1 day course is aimed at personnel who will operate in and around water, eg construction sites, harbour areas, lakes and river dredging. Manual or auto inflation lifejacket is worn as PPE for accidental water entry only, so training will be on this subject and basic water hydroligy.

Course content includes:

  • Water rescue hazards
  • Basic water hydrology
  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Risk zones
  • Cold water immersion
  • Personal protective equipment
  • PFD types and standards
  • Firing mechanisms
  • ion and correct fitting of lifejacket as part of PPE system
  • Adaption for high risk areas
  • Periodic maintenance/inspection regime
  • Pre-use and post-use checks
  • Accidental immersion and auto inflation
  • Still water swimming drills
  • Moving water swimming drills
  • Manual inflation and deflation
  • Rescue drills with lifejacket

Certification for:

3 years

Location: Through the UK and Ireland
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