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Trauma Rescue at Height Doc Snip-it

6 February 2013

I have worked in the Fire and Rescue world for over 32 years and attended many incidents as a team member and later as a rescue specialist, extraction technician and medic, I have sadly seen many accidents and deaths and been involved in accident investigations concerning the physical phenomenon known as "suspension trauma." It  also goes by several other names, such as harness-induced pathology, suspension syncope incident, prolonged motionless suspension syndrome or simply post-fall faint.

As we will discover, not even a strong and well-conditioned individual, competently fitted with a suitable harness, is capable of withstanding the effects of suspension very long without serious, and possibly fatal, consequences. So unfit, poorly fitted harnesses or ion of the wrong harness will have a huge effect on those individuals who do unfortunately find themselves in a fall arrest incident. if you would like a full copy send in your e-mail through our contacts page