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The Minerva factory continued to produce innovative designs and ideas in the years that followed, including the ExoTourbillon, Metamorphosis and even a dual cylindrical spring which provided greater precision. In 2013, when Mr Lambert became CEO of Omega Replica Watches, his goal was to drive innovation. This is a mission that Mr Baretzki & Cerrato continue today.

Omega Replica Watches's current watch development is a result of a strategy developed by CEO Nicolas Baretzki and watch managing director Davide Serrato. Together, they created two segments for the watches of the watch division: two primary segments with two styles and a rarefied section that would attract high-end collectors.replica watches He also began to align Omega Replica Watches's Le Locle with Villeret. Cerrato merged their know-how to launch a brand new collection that shocked the industry at the time: the 1858 Collection.

The collection celebrated 160 years of Minerva's watchmaking traditions, and also introduced a new design phase for Omega Replica Watches. The Geosphere was introduced in the 1858 collection, an affordable world-time complication. Its legibility is improved by using two counters with both hemispheres printed on them, and the seven highest summits around the globe. The crown controls a 24-hour indicator on each counter. This allows the user to control the second time zone while also showing the timings of different continents. It is more convenient to quickly gauge the time in another part.

Cerrato claims that mountaineering was the inspiration behind the 1858. This is why the Geosphere display has seven red summits. The Mont Blanc has always been the symbol of the brand. It is the highest peak in Europe and the world, with a height of 4,810 meters.

When I joined the company in 2004, it was decided that the sports watch segment would be developed. We wanted to improve our sports watch offerings. We have a lot of experience developing sports watches. Mountaineering is a natural theme, especially with the logo, which features a six-sided star that represents the Mont Blanc Snowcap (mido replica), and the symbolism associated with mountaineering.

The brand has evolved since then through the use and tones of colour in the dials of 1858 watches. Bronze was chosen because it matures and ages naturally, developing a patina with time. For the Only Watch 2019 auction last year, the company presented the 1858 Split-Second Chronograph, which had a titanium case with a degraded blue-agate dial, giving the impression of fume dial. The dial reminded one of a large glacier, surrounded by water.