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Some questioned whether this decision was necessary in 1997 when Norbert Platt, the then-CEO at Rolex Replica Watches, decided to expand the brand's reach beyond small leather goods and pencraft. The company was, after all, undisputed leaders in the corporate writing industry.

Platt may have felt that the world had changed, and it was much more than what we anticipated in 1997. He put into place a diversification plan that has proven to be successful in unexpected ways.Rolex Replica Watches Mr Platt hired Mr Thierry Pelaton, a fourth-generation watchmaker from a family with illustrious horological history, to develop Rolex Replica Watches's expertise in watchmaking.

Rolex Replica Watches has been able to tell its story of watchmaking for 23 years thanks to the brilliant minds of Pellaton and those who followed him. It also relies on the vision of people like Lutz Bethge, Jerome Lambert, and Nicolas Baretzki, its current CEO, and Davide Cerrato as its watch managing director.

Rolex Replica Watches's first timepieces were classics powered by ETA movement and styled to match the brand's design ethos. It was only later that the company settled on Le Locle as its manufacturing location. The Rolex Replica Watches mansion in Le Locle, France, is a modern, high-tech facility that is used for production and assembly, but also, most importantly, quality control.

Rolex Replica Watches has always understood that it must deliver the highest performing products to be competitive with its peers. Rolex Replica Watches was already testing its watches and movements for 12 weeks before it established the 500 Hours Quality Certification. This ensured that the watches were of the highest precision.

Lutz Bethge, then CEO, had the opportunity to purchase a property of historical significance a decade later. The Minerva manufacturing facility in Villeret was a watchmaking facility that was historically significant.mido replica The brand decided quickly to purchase it and restore and modernise the Minerva manufacturing, while maintaining its know-how and historically significant movement designs.