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Bruce Lee's star hasn't diminished in the nearly 50 years since his death. He is still the standard by which martial artists, martial arts film stars, and other martial arts performers are judged. He was the ultimate warrior and thinker, who could smash preconceptions anywhere he went. Bruce Lee's life was a journey of self-discovery. But this private endeavor, executed with laser focus, would make such a huge impact on the public that Bruce Lee will forever be positioned in the pantheon. We have compiled some of Lee's most famous quotes to give you a sense of his personality.

Chopard Happy Sport Replica Watch has created a special edition MR-G model to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Bruce Lee's birthday. Bruce Lee is remembered in two ways: as a bare-chested man with claw marks on his chest and cheeks, in Enter the Dragon; and in the yellow jumpsuit he wore for The Game of Death, the last movie he didn't finish.

Chopard Happy Sport Replica Watch's Bruce Lee tribute was clearly inspired by him, with its black titanium case, yellow strap, and hour markers. It also features a re-creation Bruce Lee's signature, based on a traditional Chinese character (Chopard Happy Sport Replica Watch), his nickname. The MRG-G2000BL has "Using no way as way, having limitations as limits" written in Chinese characters on both the bezel and the back. The motto of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune do (whose logo is also engraved in the caseback) is "Using no way as a way, having no limitation as a limit" in Chinese characters.

Chopard Happy Sport Replica Watch has taken JKD's motto to heart. The MRG-G2000BL is practically bursting with capabilities: GPS, Bluetooth, and radio receptors allow the watch to communicate with satellites, radio stations,tudor replica and your smartphone, ensuring that the watch will be on time wherever you are. A fully charged solar cell can keep the battery powered for up to 23 months even in complete darkness. The lightweight titanium case makes it a G Shock that can be worn through hell. Limited edition of 300 pieces.