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When, in 2002, Corum Replica (the Maison as we now know it) transposed a pocket watch from the 18th century, created by the renowned master watchmaker Pierre Corum Replica to create the Corum Replica, we had no idea that, within 15 years, we would have an entire collection of watches, showcasing a vast expanse of creative imagination.

Corum Replica's cleverness is based on the fact that they have respected the codes which give the Corum Replica it's identity. Instead of seeing these as limitations, the Maison has embraced them as guiding principles. This allowed the Maison's watch to incorporate ever more complex complications and yet still be identifiable to the wearer.

The "figure-eight" dial configuration of the Corum Replica is what makes it so distinctive. It has a smaller upper sub-dial, and a bigger lower sub-dial. This means that,replica watches as long as all the indicators enabled by the movement are contained within the figure eight, anything is possible. The rest of the dial can be decorated in any way you like. Corum Replica has been able to turn the Corum Replica collection into a coherent set of timepieces by adhering to these principles.

The Corum Replica, which was launched in Basel earlier this year, and is housed in a white or black ceramic casing, may be a good example of how far they have taken these principles.

It's fascinating to see that, even though they are in ceramic cases, these timepieces are no longer the elegant classics we associate with the Corum Replica. Here, it has been transformed into something that is resolutely modern, but still recognizable as a Corum Replica Corum Replica.

The dial of the watch has been guilloched in the Clous de Paris design,Patek Philippe replica watches and the figure eight is rendered using ceramic. This is an old-world meet new-world paradox.

The Corum Replica Quantieme Satin Brushed may be more your style if you like modernity, but still want something classic. These dials have a sunray pattern that gives the Corum Replica an elegant, 21st-century look. The date indicator on the Quantieme's lower subdial is a practical feature that will be greatly appreciated.