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"I do not fear the man that has practiced 10,000 kicks one time, but I am afraid of the man that has practiced a single kick 10,000 times."

"Love is a friendship on fire. The flame is beautiful, hot, and often fierce at first, but it's still just a flickering light. As our love matures, it becomes like coals that are deep-burning, unquenchable.

"Be like the water that finds its way through cracks. You will find a solution if you do not assert yourself, but rather adapt to the situation. The world will reveal itself if you do not remain rigid. Be formless, empty your mind. Like water, be formless. When you pour water into a glass, the cup is replica watches When you put water in a bottle, it becomes the actual bottle. If you put water in a pot, it will become the teapot. Water can now flow or crash. "Be water, my friend."

"A fool cannot learn anything from a wise response."

"Don't be afraid of failure. The crime is not failure but low-mindedness. "Even failure is a great thing when you make a big effort."

"Those who do not know they are in the dark will never seek out the light."


Move with ease

Solar-powered quartz with 23 month power reserve,ulysse nardin replica radio/GPS reception, Bluetooth; 39 timezones and daylight savings; chronograph.

Case Study

Titanium case: 54.7 x 49.5 x 16.9mm; 200m Water Resistance


Yellow Rubber Strap

Limited edition 300 pieces.